OP—EN (Of Possibilities Engaging Novelty) is an interdisciplinary creative practice that seeks the unfamiliar and the interesting, unearthing potential through the power of ideas.

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Of Possibilities Engaging Novelty
CLIENT — thought experiment
DATE — 2014
STATUS — concept

A vision for a superstructure exo-facade — amplifying perspective

Exo-Burj is a site-specific installation interfacing with the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai as the primary central element. In the spirit of exploring creative potential in the public realm, Exo-Burj aims to create a fluid urban ambience by suspending a reflective fabric material around the 828-metre tower, complementing the structure’s reflective facade.

Exo-Burj is mainly comprised of a reflective super-lightweight and semi-transparent fabric, suspended from a support structure from the top of the tower.

The proposed support structure is fan-shaped, circling the Burj Khalifa with the main connection point stemming from the tower’s spire. Visitors would not only be able to view the temporary installation from a distance—which would reflect the tower and its surroundings—but also walk up-close and experience the installation first-hand.

The end-result would amplify the visual perspectives of the city’s skyline, augment the tower’s symbol as an urban centre of gravity and create an artistic atmosphere on a vast architectural scale.

Large-scale art
Thought experiment
Reflecting reflection
Novel perspectives
Reflective amplification
Visual fluidity

City elements reflect each other, creating an interdependent reflective environment. Exo-Burj amplifies this relationship by interfacing with the most notable structure within the environment.